Your Guide to the Weekend


Stay Connected

  • Discord

    We use Discord for all important and intercontinential information! This is a great way to know about important things like whether the venue is open and fun things like what’s happening at the London event. Make sure you join it:

  • Instagram

    Instagram is the place to stay in touch after the event and share all your best creations and projects! Tag anything on Instagram with #terribleideas23 and we’ll reshare it ❤️ Our Instagram handle is @terriblehack.

Project Submission

Our submission portal for projects is now open – you can start working on it at any time, but make sure you submit before the deadline!

We recommend having a few photos, a bit of text, and optionally a video about what you’ve made. It’s up to you how you do this, but our advice is to work on your submission in a shared document before pasting it in on Sunday to submit.