Are you ready for some terrible projects? Suffice to say, these are some of the best worst things we’ve seen – and we’re doing our best to collect a few of our favourites for this internet web page here!

Psst: Made something in a previous event and want to share it? Please let us know!

Highlighted Projects

2023 (March) Projects

2022 Projects

PUNgeons and Drag-Ons

An RPG Supplement filled with forty-six pages of terrible, no good, very bad monsters and races. Highlights include:

  • Road with Legs (18 AC)
  • Food Elementals (Chocolate, Smore, Marshmellow, Graham Cracker)
  • Vampiric Cow (10 AC)
  • Goose Hydra

Strapping a tattoo gun to a blind robot

CNC Tattoo Machine – by the Not Tattooists

It kind of is just what the title suggests. What happens when you put a tattoo gun on a robot arm and try to convince it to tattoo people? Not good things, apparently.

Planetary Alignment-based GPA Estimates

GPAstro – by Lords of the Great Elephants

Brought to you by an astrophysicist and a telescope owner, GPAstro uses planetary science originating from earlier than Ancient Greece, used by great scholars such as Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Kepler, to predict the GPA of your future child by the date and time of their conception.

World’s longest top hat

Not a very good project – by Zac

Sadly the real worlds tallest hat is somewhat longer, but we can probably claim tallest top hat in Auckland? Really, this one isn’t the best project, but it had a hidden microphone for presenting duct taped inside it, and that worked pretty well.

That’s all for now!

Keep an eye out on this page for more terrible projects as we continue to collect them 😊