• Power Saver-inator

    Power Saver-inator

    Nobody likes a phone battery running low. It’s a first, second, third, and maybe fourth world issue! A global problem in the 21st century that needs addressing. Up there with world peace and famine… Power Saver-inator takes the stress of a low battery away from users by reducing the battery to zero within seconds. Also…

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  • A Christmas “Miracle”

    A Christmas “Miracle”

    What does it do? A machine that decides whether a child is naughty or nice and dispenses a gift (or not) to them. What inspired you? It’s coming up to Christmas 🙂 Why is it the best or worst thing? It can give some impractical gifts (e.g. transparent playing cards, unbalanced spinning tops) Created by…

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  • Amazon Smart Kettle

    Amazon Smart Kettle

    Editor’s note: this one went all out on audio, make sure to listen to some of the ads below! The Amazon Smart Kettle is the latest in smart home appliance technology! It boils water at a level of efficiency you’ve never seen before… as long as you pay the subscription service. Otherwise, it’s a useless…

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    We are SHTFY – a team with the common goal of providing you with a place to find solutions to all the problems you didn’t you that you didn’t have! At SHTFY we are committed to making problems harder and more expensive for everyone! We are an e-commerce website that sells products and services to…

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  • The unsatisfying DVD screensaver

    The unsatisfying DVD screensaver

    It’s the DVD screensaver, but when it’s about to hit a corner, it stops the screensaver before you can see it hit the corner. This is partially inspired by the “satisfying animations” communities online, and is a parody of that sort of thing Created by The DVD Killers (Thomas)

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  • ForcedTube


    You know how you love ads? Wouldn’t it be even better if you were tested on your comprehension of each ad after you watched them so that you knew all of the amazing products and services you could buy in the fullest details possible. Forced Tube is a browser extension that makes ChatGPT watch along…

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  • Hygi-Zone


    Our project is about making sure bathroom hygiene is adhered to. It will prevent someone from leaving the bathroom until they have washed their hands. It is the best thing as it will make sure people wash their hands properly.

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  • World’s longest top hat

    World’s longest top hat

    Not a very good project – by Zac Sadly the real worlds tallest hat is somewhat longer, but we can probably claim tallest top hat in Auckland? Really, this one isn’t the best project, but it had a hidden microphone for presenting duct taped inside it, and that worked pretty well.

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  • Planetary Alignment-based GPA Estimates

    Planetary Alignment-based GPA Estimates

    Brought to you by an astrophysicist and a telescope owner, GPAstro uses planetary science originating from earlier than Ancient Greece, used by great scholars such as Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Kepler, to predict the GPA of your future child by the date and time of their conception. GPAstro – by Lords of the Great Elephants

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  • Strapping a tattoo gun to a blind robot

    Strapping a tattoo gun to a blind robot

    Strapping a tattoo gun to a blind robot It kind of is just what the title suggests. What happens when you put a tattoo gun on a robot arm and try to convince it to tattoo people? Not good things, apparently. CNC Tattoo Machine – by the Not Tattooists

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