• A Ryan Godling Subscription

    A Ryan Godling Subscription

    A website that let you subscribe to Ryan Gosling – Be warned! If you want to unsubscribe, you will have to face a number of challenges! – Ryan Gosling is obviously the inspiration. – Ryan Gosling is the best, so it is the best.

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  • Crossword Twister

    Crossword Twister

    Crosswords are already hard, we made it terrible. Incorporates elements of distortion and code, android. Created by Team CrosswordCaptains

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  • Screaming Plant

    Screaming Plant

    Plants deserve better in this life and to be heard. When your plants are unhappy, now you are unhappy too. Created by team Doctor Submersive

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  • The Login Games

    The Login Games

    We wanted to make the login process fun. By introducing a series of tricky mini games for the users to enjoy (or suffer) in order the register and login an account. Each parameter like username, email and password have their own challenge. This project has 8 games in total, login and register process each have…

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  • Goku’s eye

    Goku’s eye

    Are you getting beaten by people stronger than yourself? I had the same problem, but not anymore. Introducing *drum roll* Goku’s eye. Better than ever, you can detect people’s power through advanced AI and get deep analytics about them through our non-artificial intelligence working hard in the background.

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  • PvP Snake Game

    PvP Snake Game

    Our project is a 2 player snake game on a custom 8 by 8 led matrix. Players can eat food. Drop bombs and do things to defeat other player. All display same colours. So player have to keep track. By Team Pood Eaters

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  • Girlfriend Translator

    Girlfriend Translator

    The Girlfriend Translator project, conceived as a satirical commentary on sexism, embodies something deliberately absurd and highlights why such a tool should never genuinely exist or be used. Driven by a clear stance that sexism is unequivocally wrong, this project serves as a tongue-in-cheek critique of outdated stereotypes in romantic relationships. It uses a chatbot…

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  • Losers weepers

    Losers weepers

    It is a tracking software/app that “helps” people find their lost devices. Instead of telling the exact location of the devices like Apple’s airtags do, we force the users to guess within 30 seconds and if they fail, the exact coordinates of the item will be leaked on the internet, allowing others to get a…

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  • Merciful Mirror

    Merciful Mirror

    Does this dress make me look fat? Merciful mirror will deliver the truth to you, and more. Honesty is the best policy and you will always get the truth – and truth sometimes hurts. Created by team Merciful Mirror: Neeraj, Nicholas, Angus, Hayden, Anish, Hamish, all Terrible Hackers

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  • Whack-a-phone


    We’ve actually had time to make two different projects, both of which revolve around violence (because violence is clearly the answer). Our first and main project is a mechanism that releases a hammer which smashes your phone if you spend more than 5 minutes on your phone. The inspiration came from the pomodoro techniques where…

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