Hardware / Engineering

  • Sleep is a Crime™️

    Sleep is a Crime™️

    Johnny made it to his 8am lecture running on 3 hours of sleep and zero caffeine. He’s nodding off and not paying attention to what the lecturer’s saying. If only Johnny had Sleep is a Crime™️ — the automatically-firing trebuchet that only deactivates if you’re awake to press the button. If you nod off and…

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  • Mist Opportunity

    Mist Opportunity

    Our brand spanking new product called “The Mist Opportunity” cuts out the useless fluff that comes with regular irrigation systems! The Mist Opportunity comes with two incredible modes. The first mode solves a big problem with regular sprinklers – they are always on! What an absolute waste of water! So now, the first mode of…

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  • Phone Lamp

    Phone Lamp

    💡 Lamp from a Phone 💡 Created by Shaun Cole-Baker and Coco Chen

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  • Milk Aromatherapy

    Milk Aromatherapy

    Milk Aromatherapy Are you feeling stressed or tired? Consider trying milk aromatherapy for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience! Milk has been used for centuries as a natural skin and hair care ingredient due to its nourishing properties. However, milk can also be used as an aromatherapy tool to help you relax and unwind. By ultrasonically…

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  • Ava


    ✨ Creating life ✨ Created by Quick what’s our team name (Petr – @n4mby_pamby, Etienne – etinaude.dev)

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  • Mixer Mayhem’s mesmerising mighty multifaceted multi-person modern microwave machine

    Mixer Mayhem’s mesmerising mighty multifaceted multi-person modern microwave machine

    Mixer Mayhem’s mesmerising mighty multifaceted multi-person modern microwave machine A crowd-controlled drink mixing machine where users choose what is added to the drink next. Created by Mixer Mayhem Microwave Website: https://www.mixermayhem.com/

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  • Clip on Jandals

    Clip on Jandals

    Introducing the perfect addition to your cycling gear – clip on bike jandals! Say goodbye to uncomfortable and bulky cycling shoes and hello to the freedom and flexibility of jandals. Our clip on bike jandals allow you to effortlessly clip onto your bike pedals and enjoy a comfortable ride without sacrificing style. Made with durable…

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  • ShotBot


    Why program your robots directly when you can get ChatGPT to do it for you! We get ChatGPT to write all the code for us and it’s automatically uploaded to the robot. then we see if it works! if not we tell ChatGPT what’s wrong and it tries again. in a few human generations we…

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  • The Dumb Bells

    The Dumb Bells

    We have a very annoying dumbbell that taunts you and makes weird noises throughout your workout. It is also very uncomfortable to hold. The dumbbell aims to piss you off as much as possible. You can intern channel that anger into your workout, making your workout way more productive. Forget a breakup, the taunting dumbbell…

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  • Emotionally Needy Appliances

    Emotionally Needy Appliances

    Taking away the controls of your appliances and giving them to a rather lazy voice assistant. Created by Questionable Research Labs

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