We’ve actually had time to make two different projects, both of which revolve around violence (because violence is clearly the answer). Our first and main project is a mechanism that releases a hammer which smashes your phone if you spend more than 5 minutes on your phone. The inspiration came from the pomodoro techniques where 5 minute breaks are never enough and we often go on social media overtime. Our motto is “ruining phones, saving lives”, because the user has to choose between Tiktok and your phone. So parents and teachers, this is a perfect Christmas Gift for your child.

Our second project is a website which just consists of the worst things possible: the craziest “simple” outfit ideas, out of proportion recipes (don’t blame us for food poisoning) and a step by step tutorial for meditation that’s singular purpose is stressing you out. Our inspiration stems from ways we can make daily life even more terrible than it already is! We had some spare time on Day 2 and thought ‘what better way to spend our time that destroys more lives’ so I hope you enjoy it. Best thing was definitely the meditation tutorial and the worst thing was the lives we may have (accidentally) destroyed by saying it would help de-stress them.

Created by Team Whack-a-phone (Instagram: @Yajna_k @eyad_nasir_ @0927__promise)