The Login Games

We wanted to make the login process fun. By introducing a series of tricky mini games for the users to enjoy (or suffer) in order the register and login an account. Each parameter like username, email and password have their own challenge. This project has 8 games in total, login and register process each have 4 games. Users use a web browser to play the games. We also have a leaderboard to record users time to register or login. The inspiration behind this was a meme I saw where users would rotate the earth in the solar system to input their birthday. I wanted to capture this concept by making input fields whacky and annoying. The worst thing about this project is that it mashes games that should not be in the login process. For example, to login an email, the user must play tetris where the blocks contain letters in their email. Scoring a row will input those letters. The best thing is that it got a lot of people angry at us when they tried registering an account so i think we’re doing something right!

Created by Team Login Games: Colby Rehn, Zijie Li

Thanks to Hayden, Jen for testing our project during development.