The Outernet Experience – Tech for People who hate tech

The Outernet Experience is Tech for People Who Hate Tech.

The setup allows you to live the lifestyle of the most advanced tech user and partake in the modern world – without using tech and giving up on ye olde times. The two screens can be used independently, individually or in a group. The Outernet Experience supports communicating, conducting online business, education and upskilling, entertainment like watching videos or playing games.


The Outernet Experience comes in a set of two so you can enjoy all the interactive functions it provides. It includes:

  • A keyboard with painstakingly modelled detachable letters
  • A multi-colour ink reservoir nicknamed ‘the mouse’
  • A beautifully handcrafted lightweight monitor providing a pleasurable classic retro user experience to remind us all of the timeless and masterful beige design of the 90s
  • A set of 10 tabs and a moving screensaver

Why choose The Outernet Experience?

  • De-stressing: calms your nervous system because it slows your life down
  • No FOMO: You don’t have to miss out while others are online
  • Provides real connection: Restores the missing personal, real human connection that is often missing from our increasingly online world
  • Fun for the whole whânau: you need 3 people at least and can accommodate more (tab transport, enveloping mails and so on)
  • Enjoy flexibility and increased personal agenda: go with the times without losing your old ways – you can have your cake and eat it, too.
  • Accessible: No upskilling or coding knowledge needed to design your own tabs
  • Relevant: Independence from power supply means added resilience in the face of environmental disasters
  • No compatibility issues: Mac and Windows PC work in with each other seamlessly
  • Basically indestructible: waterproof, lightweight
  • Tactile experience: Beautifully shaped keys and screen
  • Instant creativity: Create your own tabs and templates in no time
  • Versatile, catering to differing social needs: suited to introverts who don’t like interacting with random people and extroverts who can carry this lightweight apparatus anywhere without breaking a sweat to connect to strangers (set it up in a bar!)
  • Sustainable and very cheap: made from almost exclusively recycled materials Features:
  • Multi-tab feature (up to 5 tabs!)
  • Games: Battleship, Tic Tac Toe, Dots and Squares…
  • Communication: eMail, chat, dating, comment sections…
  • Daily life: Shopping, banking, CV writing, Pro & Con list…
  • Upskilling: Coding, Language learning, other education…
  • Entertainment: videos, pics of cute puppies Future development plans:
  • Subscription services for new content and templates
  • Optimising the keyboard and mouse setup (easier handling, better ink options)

Created by The Dropouts (Aliyah Lianjie – @aliyah.lianjie, Gaku Aoyagi, Khushi Jain, We An Chen, Verena Pschorn)