Mist Opportunity

Our brand spanking new product called “The Mist Opportunity” cuts out the useless fluff that comes with regular irrigation systems! The Mist Opportunity comes with two incredible modes. The first mode solves a big problem with regular sprinklers – they are always on! What an absolute waste of water! So now, the first mode of The Mist Opportunity allows it to only activate on one condition…that you are standing right by it. The second mode allows there to be an infinite water source into your plants! This mode activates only on condition…that it is currently raining. Now, the rain will not only water your plants, but it will continuously refill The Mist Opportunity, while IT is ALSO watering your plants! Infinite water supply, HOW GOOOOOOD?!

Created by Water Wasters (Kimberley, Oliver and Sai)